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CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 1500mg

CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 1500mg


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  • CBD Content: Each serving contains 50mg of CBD
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: Enjoy these gummies without compromising your dietary preferences
  • Turmeric & Spirulina: Packed with 50mg of Turmeric and 20mg of Spirulina per serving
  • Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods: Harness the benefits of these superfoods known for their anti-inflammatory properties
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Made with all-natural ingredients, free from artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup

Why choose our CBD gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina?

Benefit from the perfect blend of CBD, Turmeric, and Spirulina in a delicious and chewy vegan gummy. With each gummy containing 25mg of high-quality CBD, you also enjoy the added advantage of consuming antioxidants from these two powerful superfoods.

What makes our CBD gummies special?

Our CBDfx Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina stand out due to their unique formulation. They are 100% vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or animal gelatin are used. Instead, we utilize organic pectin, organic agave, and organic cane sugar. These gummies are infused with high-quality CBD, ensuring you receive a comprehensive range of beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, with less than 0.3% THC. Our hemp plants are cultivated in top-notch partner farms in the USA, ensuring purity and high levels of terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins.

How to use: Follow the directions on the label. Start with one or two tasty gummies, depending on your size and experience with CBD products. Wait to assess how you feel before consuming more. Please note that the FSA recommends not exceeding 70mg of CBD within a 24-hour period.


  • Total of 1500mg CBD in 60 gummies, with 25mg of CBD per vegan gummy (50mg per serving)
  • High-quality CBD sourced
  • 100% vegan and GMO-free
  • No fillers or artificial sweeteners

Indulge in the goodness of CBD, Turmeric, and Spirulina with our CBD Gummies for a nourishing and delightful experience.


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